I recently went to see ADVN’s maps. I went and played some of them; they were good – just might need polishing. Give a great round of applause for CosmicDragon135! We also made the ADVN arena with 3-player action, special trading and parkour and the final boss Tri-anus the Wither. Soon-to-come: Episode 4 – the Water Temple. The arena will be flooded and you have to fight enemies while making sure you don’t drown in the process! The boss will be Tadurian. The episodes are like worlds; basically, Episode 1 has normal enemies, Episode 2 has players going to the nether with nether mobs, Episode 3 is Triple Trouble with the Wither, and the last episode is the Water Temple. Get ready to get blood thirsty for fighting.

Enter the End of the World Minecraft GamingEdu server player contest: Find a dungeon with the end portal inside of it and set a warp – make a post in-game of what it’s called and you could win a free pet rabbit coupon for the Magma Café. Post it today, tomorrow, or before September 30!

Once my Mo’ Creature server is up, I’ll let you guys know about it! Trollers and griefers beware!

See you next post    – Phisagrim