Gaming Edus is a white-listed server for educators (and friends of educators) to explore, play and learn about Minecraft for themselves.

If you are an educator interested in exploring Minecraft with other educators, fill out a Whitelist Request and you’ll be stacking blocks with us in no time.

If you want your class to join our Multi-School Minecraft server, you must first connect with us on our Professional Play server. Fill out a Whitelist Request to make that happen.

Gaming Edus Server Details:

Server Address:

Minecraft Server Version: 1.8.3

Plugins: Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Residence, LWC, WAR and many more.

Logging into the GamingEdus Server

1. Get your username added to our white list. Check out the Whitelist Request page to make that happen.

2. Launch Minecraft (if you’ve bought it, set up an avatar name, etc.)

3. Click on Multiplayer

4. Choose Add Server

5. In the Server Name window, give it a name (ie GamingEdus Server)

6. In the Server Address window, enter this:

7. Click Done. The GamingEdus server is now in your server list!

8. Choose it and click Join Server and you’re in!

Having trouble connecting to the server?

Make sure:

1. You are running the same version of Minecraft as our server? We’re currently running version 1.8.3. Need to change your game version? Read this.

2. You have correctly entered the Server Address info (see above)

3. Your firewall/virus software isn’t blocking Minecraft. Set it as a “safe”, or “allowed” program.

4. Is your avatar on the white list? Fill out the Whitelist Request form and make it happen!

Still having trouble? Email Liam at