Hey Students!

Welcome to the Multi-School Minecraft Server. This server is shared by students in schools across Ontario and beyond.

You have access to many commands to make moving around the world easier.

Below is a list of the commands you can use. You can do a lot of other stuff, but these commands should get you started.

To issue a command:

1. Press “T” or enter to open your chat window.

2. Type the command, always starting with a /

3. Press Enter.

4. Bask in your l33t coding skills!

Student Commands

Note: <Brackets> indicate information you need to add. Remove the <brackets> when typing the command. (ie /tp <playername> becomes /tp praxismaxis )

Command Effect
/help Lists game controls and useful commands
/spawn Returns you to the server spawn and portal hub
/back Returns you to where you died
/tpa <playername> Teleports you to another player
/sethome Sets current location to your home
/home Teleports you back to your home
/setwarp <warpname> Creates a warp at your current location
/warp Lists the warps on the server in alphabetical order
/warp <warpname> Teleports you to a specific warp.
/list Lists players on server (Pressing Tab also does this)
/top Teleports you to the top of a build