Teachers have a range of commands these can use to assist students and keep the building fun for everyone.

Only teachers have access to these commands. Check out the Students Commands page to see what students can do. Teachers can do all the commands a Student can do, plus the commands listed below.

To issue a command:

1. Press “T” or enter to open your chat window.

2. Type the command, always starting with a /

3. Press Enter.

4. Bask in your l33t coding skills!

Teacher Commands

Note: <Brackets> indicate information you need to add. Remove the <brackets> when typing the command. (ie /tp <playername> becomes /tp praxismaxis )

Command Effect
/whitelist off Turns off whitelist
/whitelist on Turns on whitelist
/whitelist add Adds a new Player Name to the whitelist
/spawn Returns you to the server spawn and portal hub
/back Returns you to where you died
/day Makes it day
/night Makes it night
/tp <playername> Teleports you to student
/tp <playername> <your playername> Teleports student to you
/tp toggle Toggles teleport ability on and off
/tpo <playername> Teleports you to student, overrides teleport turned off
/jail <playername> glass Teleports student to Glass Time Out Room
/unjail <playername> Releases student from Time Out Room
/kick <playername> Kicks student off server
/ban <playername> Bans student from server
/unban <playername> Allows student to return to server
/sun Turns the weather to sun
/rain Turns the weather to rain
/sethome Sets current location to your home
/home Teleports you back to your home
/setwarp <warpname> Creates a warp at your current location
/warp Lists the warps on the server in alphabetical order
/warp <warpname> Teleports you to a specific warp.
/list Lists players on server (Pressing Tab also does this)
/top Teleports you to the top of a build