Here is a list of some of the terms you will often hear when talking about online gaming.  If you have any terms you think we should add to the list, please let us know in the comment box below.

AFK  – Away From Keyboard. Type this to let other players know you are away from your computer and won’t answer their questions or comments.

Creeper – A green monster in Minecraft that sneaks up on players and blows up, destroying blocks and damaging player’s health.

Grief – To destroy or alter another player’s build without their knowledge or against their wishes.

Herobrine – Legendary character who is supposedly Notch’s dead brother.  He does not actually exist as a character in the game, but lives on in infamy much like the Slender Man.

Mobs – Refers to computer generated opponents in game.  For example: “I fought 3 mobs at once!” could mean: “I fought 3 skeletons/zombies/creepers at once!”

Mods – programs that modify or ‘mod’ a game, adding new content and/or features to customizable the game to what the player wants in order to make gameplay more interesting or ‘user friendly’.

N00b/newb – Someone who is new to a game, or an experienced player who makes a mistake typical of an inexperienced player.

Notch – The creator of Minecraft Markus Persson.

Own/ownage – see pwn

Plug-in – A program that runs inside of another program.

Pwn – To be very skilled at a game or a gaming skill i.e. PVP

PVE – Player vs. environment i.e. computer generated world/opponents/challenges.

PVP – Player vs. player, organized in different ways, one of the more popular being capture the flag.  In PVP players can attack one another, killing them and sending them to a respawn point in a home base area.

Steve – The name given to the default avatar used in Minecraft.

tp – Teleport

Trolling Purposely irritating someone through comments on a post or through chat.   Comment  are frivolous, mean spirited and intended to upset, bully or hurt another person in some way.