Adult made spheres from our professional play server.

This summer I had the chance to sit down and chat with a 10 year old minecrafter named Ellaprincess.  She’s known about Minecraft for around 3 years; first watching her older sister play on  it on the computer, and watching videos about it, then playing on the computer, and with her sister on their Xbox.  Her mother has told me that since Ellaprincess and her sister have been playing Minecraft on the Xbox they have gotten along much better.

Here are some of her thoughts on Minecraft and school:

The Interview:

What do you think about Minecraft?

I think it’s awesome really you can make whatever you want, collect materials, and it is really fun.

Do you think that video games should be played in school?

Maybe, it depends; it could be for a reward or you could play, if it is a building game like Minecraft, you can make creations or a school project.

What kind of projects?

Like you could have a ‘make your dream school’ project.  And whoever’s school makes the most sense wins.

What would you learn from that?

You would learn that you can’t take the easy route, you can’t make a better school by making it out of candy bars.  Because there could be consequences like you have a sugar high and not getting passing grades.

How does that relate to Minecraft?

Well, Minecraft is a fun game and all, but some people get addicted.  And it could be dangerous if people played all the time.  Like if they kept saying ‘can we play please, please, please.’  And wouldn’t that be terrible, and they wouldn’t pay attention in class.

So you think it would be bad to play Minecraft all the time?

Yes.  Some people play it all the time. Some people could lose their job if they played too much Minecraft, like if they played it all night long.  Like if they were addicted.

Are you addicted?

No, I only play Minecraft every 3 days… only once a day… only for an hour, everyday.  Then I watch videos.

What are your favourite videos to watch about Minecraft?

TheDiamondMinecart and iHasCupquake

Why do you watch these videos?

Because it’s funny.  Minecart does mod reviews and he did a bacon mod.

What’s the bacon mod?

You get bacon. You can make bacon trees, and there is Nutella in it, and you can make a bacon and Nutella sandwich.

Getting back to Minecraft in school, do you think Minecraft should be allowed in school?

I think it shouldn’t be played in the school.  Well, it could be, but I suggest peaceful ‘cause sometimes Minecraft can be a violent game with the monsters and killing and slaying.  I think they (teachers and students) would prefer peaceful.

What subjects do you think Minecraft would work best with?

Math, Science, and Art.

Art really?  Why?

Because you can make some pretty amazing things in Art.  Pretty amazing things… even without circles. Because in my world, I made a giant 3D Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girl, and in real life it would be the same size as the Statue of Liberty.

Really? How do you know that?

Because I measured it.

What Do you want to build next?

I was going to cover a mountain with glass and hollow it out and make it my house.  Or make it a giant aquarium and make my house on top of it. The the top of the mountain I would make a line with lava on one side and water on the otherside. It would come down the mountain.  But I was also thinking about putting glass one block above on the side of the water and lava so it you were going to climb up the mountain you wouldn’t get hurt, and below so if you were walking through the mountain it wouldn’t fall on you.

Thank you for letting me interview you.  That’s all the questions I had right now.