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(screen shots of bunnies with Guardian, Toast bunny and banner from GamingEdus Pro Play server appear courtesy of Phisagrim)

Hey guys, sorry for the wait! But wait no longer! A new Friday Frequencies with Phisa is back, with a report on the new 1.8 update for Gaming Edus! We have a handful of new features on our amazing server because of the update – like Banners, Bunnies and a New Boss, the Elder Guardian! It won’t seem like much, but it is actually cooler than you think.

Wet sponges: Smelt them and put a bucket at the bottom to get a new non soaked sponge and a bucket of water!

New temple and boss: We can find this new Guardian boss and mobs in the deep ocean temple below the dark waters. Pack a night vision potion and a water breathing one too – you’ll need it to kill the Elder Guardians and then to grab your loot!

Banners and Bunnies: This’ll be my favorite section for many reasons. You can design and make your own special banners with cool X and Fading designs on your own custom coloured banner. Sometimes people make banners that look like Rabbits, Stars, and so on. It’s actually pretty cool! The Rabbits a brand new mob with 10 health points and a love for long orange sticks. Not all Rabbits are good though. If you see a rabbit with red eyes, it’s an evil Rabbit! It’ll hop up to you like normal but then attack! It’s a force to be reckoned with, so be careful. You can also make Rabbit Stew and kill sheep for mutton! Nearly all passive mobs in Minecraft are edible! Watch out for any red eyed Rabbits or you’re going to get really hurt.

Announcements, Tips and more: First of all, with a rabbit’s paw, you can use it to make a jump boost potion so you can blend in with rabbits and jump higher! Secondly, be sure to check out Cosmic’s Corner for information and cool adventure map reviews on Gaming Edus!  Thirdly, I will be adding screenshots to my column – you can call it Phisa’s Photography! Finally, if you name a Rabbit “Toast”, it changes it color! Cool eh? If that isn’t enough, try using it on a red-eyed rabbit and prank your friends!

I guess this is it guys, the new 1.8 update has come to us. I am Phisagrim and I will write later! Bye!