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(Photo of Game Start from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map; all screenshots in this article appear courtesy of CosmicDragon135)

For this week’s column of Cosmic Corner, we have GamingEDUs very own “Cops and Robbers Adventure Map”! This is a remake of the famous Minecraft game “Cops and Robbers”. “Cops and Robbers” is a basic and fun game. There is one cop and up to 4 prisoners. The prisoners have to try and escape the prison to the hot air balloon waiting outside the front of the prison. The prisoners can ask silly stuff like “Can I take a shower?” or “Can I run around?” and so on. The prisoners must do what the cop says (unless running away escaping), and the cop cannot kill the prisoner without reason. For example, if the prisoner is asking for food, you can’t kill them, but if they are trash talking you or trying to escape, you can.

Cosmic-ExitGate(Photo of Exit Gate from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)
Cosmic-HotAirBalloon(Photo of Hot Air Balloon from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)

To escape the prison, there are two ways to go about it. The first way is to get into the cops office, right click the button to get the keys (lever), and then run to the hallway where there will be an iron door. Use the keys (lever) to open the door, and hit the button labeled “Unlock Gate”. The gate will immediately open, and let you out. Then you simply run to the hot air balloon and hit the pressure plate to escape.

Cosmic-CopOffice(Photo of Cop Office from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)

The second way to escape this prison is by going into the shower room, and breaking the glass in the middle shower to get into the sewer. From there you climb up the water stream and swim to the hot air balloon. Remember that you cannot break the levers in you cell to unlock the doors, nor can you play in creative gamemode. To get into adventure gamemode, type /adventure in your chat bar and hit enter. Also remember that if you die, you must return to cell D3, which is up the stairs and all the way down the hall.

Cosmic-Sewer(Photo of Sewer from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)

To get to the “Cops and Robbers Adventure Map”, type in /warp copsandrobbers on your chat bar and hit enter. The “Cops and Robbers Adventure Map” was made by; CosmicDragon135, Phisagrim, jack1225, HuskyMuddKipper and SkippyMuddKipper.


(Photo of Prison Cell from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)


(Photo of Prison from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)


(Photo of Gate Control Room from GamingEdus Cops & Robbers map)