Your friendly slime is back! Yo guys, it’s Friday Frequencies with Phisa Volume 3!

Your slime friend hasn’t been typing recently – nothing interesting has been happening but now here’s the slimy news! I’m on Orangecraft! Yup, your favorite slime has been travelling server to server and you can too! Go to to find out some details on how to get on! While there, I keep pretty silent. You can see my latest hopping masterpiece in the creative area on this public server.

In GamingEdus, I’ve changed my skin to the “purple slime gamer skin”. Come online for Jack’s awesome beach party on Saturday October 4, 2014! Gumby also says he is looking into getting the Subway finished and having a grand opening. There will also be a Great Wall of Gumby Fall Marathon Run.

Here is another challenge to you all! Create the best pixel art of anything from any game! If I’m online tell me to teleport to you and I’ll see if you are the winner! The winner gets a free copy of one of my new in-game books in my upcoming series that I have planned for 2015: Legends of Slimeopatra! These awesome books will only be sold at the Magma Café in the summer!  This book is based on two mods – Morph and Slime Carnage.

If you are bored, head to the Ihascupquakes channel on YouTube to see her funny animations and episodes of games! (She is one of my favourite YouTubers.) On Flash Fridays, if you suggest a game, she might play it! So see you next time!