Logging in as … Phisagrim.

Hey guys, this is Phisagrim, owner of the Magma Café and one of the 3 main Grims (Liragrim and Terragrim being the others). Recently (Wednesday 27 August 2014) my house in survival mode was griefed –  the brewery in my house and both stands are gone! If you took my things, please apologize by using server mail. It’s easy; let me tell how to do it: type<< /mail send Phisagrim >> (and insert sorry note after here).

News report: Liam, a.k.a. Praxismaxis, is going to update the server to the most recent rabbit update! The other features like the guardian boss, and the slime blocks might be there too. It’s coming on either August 29 or 30 2014, we hope.

Magma Café deal: School is coming and many people aren’t happy about it. To have a last day of summer fun, there will be free cakes at the Magma Café. Also, on August 30th,  it’s my birthday! Come celebrate on the server around 7:00 pm.

You like adventures right? Some parkour, enemy and adventure fun right? Created by Jack1225 and Phisagrim, here comes “Kirby Super Smash”, an awesome map. Help Kirby gather allies and the elements to stop Nightmare from defeating Dreamland! Coming soon to the server – “Kirby Super Smash 2” and “Japer Region Pokémon” maps! “Mario and Luigi Dream Team” and some key blade fun in “Kingdom Hearts – The Map” will also be coming to GamingEdus! Check out CosmicDragon135’s “ADVN” warp which has maps! We have some interesting stuff happening; hopefully Praxis shall stop all this Trolling and Griefing. [Editor’s Note: all the admins are monitoring the situation and it’s up to the whole community to keep things fair and fun.]

See you in the next Friday Phisa frequencies (even if this wasn’t posted on Friday)  -Phisagrim

[Editor’s Note: it was; I did it on time!]