I love project-based learning, and Minecraft lends itself well to culminating tasks. In the past, I’ve incorporated Minecraft into media literacy, social studies, reading, writing, math (geometry, number sense and numeration, measurement), and science. I wanted to combine Minecraft with my library lessons and with the students’ help, we’ve come up with some exciting tasks. The inquiry question for my junior classes have surrounded challenges, and the primary students have examined change. Both age groups have been reviewing how to use the online catalogue, the differences between fiction and non-fiction, and how information is organized in a school library. Their culminating tasks intersect with each other, for some cross-class accountability, because books and libraries go together like peanut butter and jelly (or so I’ve been told – I’m anaphylactic). Below is the chart with the junior task and the lesson plan for the primary task. Hope you find it interesting – goodness knows the students do, and have already been begging to stay in at every opportunity to work on it!

MinecraftTask 001