What’s it take to safely move a Minecraft server across the busiest intersection in Toronto?

That’s the challenge Dr. Jason Nolan and myself faced earlier this week when we transported the computer runs all the GamingEdus servers.

For the last 3 years, our servers have hummed along quietly in a corner at the Ryerson University’s amazing EDGE Lab. The lab has a new home now, so our virtual home of blocks had to be moved too.

First step was to unplug it all, strap it to a trolley and try to not look scared:


After crossing the very smooth floors of the EDGE Lab, we ventured out to the very not smooth and very crowded Dundas Square in downtown Toronto.

Jason took over the driving and tried to look as casual as one can while pushing along the virtual builds of hundreds of teachers and students from around the world:


Thankfully, there were no creeper attacks or zombie surprises, so we all made it to the new home of the EDGE Lab in one piece.

We got the server restarted and running without losing a single pet dog to lava, so cake for everyone!