Every party needs a game a basketball!

One of the best things about the GamingEdus server are the kid-organized events. In the past, we’ve had dance parties, horse races and last we celebrated MikeyTyrant’s 11th birthday in true GamingEdus style.

Mikey and the other kids on the server organized it all from the fine dining in Mikey’s restaurant to the basketball game followed by cake!

Here’s a screen grab from the event:

Behind those hungry party-goers is a custom-made layered cake – or WAS a cake. It didn’t last long and was delicious!

And another one!

Some of the party-goers. Missing: Liragrim and MissColby who left early and showed up late! (Don’t worry, we saved them some cake.)


Want to join us for our next server event? Follow @gamingedus on twitter to stay in the loop. Teachers canĀ  apply to our whitelist to learn to play Minecraft, take part in the fun and eat cake (of course.)