mc-version-check-matchingFor players new to Minecraft, one of the most confusing elements of the game is all this talk about “Game Versions”. This page will explain what that all means and show you how to check and change the version of Minecraft your game client is set to run.

Game Versions 101

After a video game is released, many game companies regularly update the game with new content or changes to the way the game works. These updates are called releases and they are tracked using a series of version numbers.

Minecraft regularly releases new updates to their game, which are always free if you’ve already bought the game. Updates bring new content, like horses (!) or alter the way the code in the game works.

Matching Game Versions

If you want to join a server, you must make sure your version number of Minecraft matches the version number the server is running.

This is what it looks like when the versions don’t match:

Mis-matched game version error. Click to make bigger.


Don’t worry, though. It’s simple to fix. Read on to see how!

Changing Your Minecraft Game Version

Changing your Minecraft version is quick and only takes a couple of clicks. Here it is broken down step-by-step:

1. Find out what version the server is running. Go here to see the current GamingEdus server version.

2. Launch Minecraft and find your Current Game Version. You can find your game version in the area of the launcher circled in the image below.

Find your game version on the Minecraft Launcher.


3. To change your version, click the “Edit Profile” button on your launcher, found in the area circled in the image below.

Click the Edit Profile button to change your game version.


4. Find the “Use Version” drop down menu and choose the version the server is running.

Select a new game version from the “Use Version” drop down menu.


5. Click Save Profile

6. Click Play and then choose multi-player. You should see something like the image below. That means, the you’re running the same game version as the server.

Your game version now matches the server game version. Grats!


That’s it!

You can change your game version anytime. This lets you visit servers regardless of what version of Minecraft they are running.

Grats! You now know all about Minecraft Versions. You should totally celebrate by hopping into the GamingEdus server and build something epic!