This just in, from Gaming Edus News… the Friday Frequencies with Phisagrim are back!

In this, volume 4 issue of Friday Frequencies with Phisa, we have tons of news.

Gaming Edus’ most famous players, Praxismaxis and GumbyBlockhead, have said that they like this news report.  I feel very honoured by the fact that they love it. I’d like to thank them for their support.

Recently Phisa, Cosmic and Jack have been working on a new map of Nintendoland based on the real thing from Wii U. Our map has all the games in Nintendoland and we think you should check it out once we finish! My favourite game is the Pikmin Adventure because you can fight monsters, gain levels, and conquer every single level. Jack’s favourite is Zelda Battle Quest. Cosmic like Mario Chase because he’s good at being the Mario. In that game, be wary who you are near. Chase someone or run away. We will probably have Minecraft Nintendoland finished in May 2015,

Next part of the news is that the server was broken through an accidental portal problem with Cosmic Dragon’s command blocks. Praxismaxis fixed the server by putting the time back to before it was built.

I thought we should get some new things in Gaming Edus to spice things up, so I’m bringing A SPECIAL THING FOR ALL PLAYERS!  I’m offering a free chicken dinner at the Magma Café for November with a choice of potatoes or carrots.

It’s November but a lot of stores have Christmas merchandise. Point is, people think Christmas will come soon…   They may be right, cold weather is upon us, but cold weather or not, Friday Frequencies will go on! I’ve been forgetting to type them so please forgive me for my poor memory.  Catch me online on Saturdays and you’ll be featured in the next Friday Frequencies! See you next issue; peace my Slimelings!